Corporate Social Responsibility | Our Commitment to the World!

MUSK has made a lifelong commitment as an Essential Oils exporter to strive for supplying premium quality, 100% botanical and zero-synthetic ingredients Essential Oils and Herbal Extracts.

While making sure that we positively influence the lives of everyone in the surrounding ecosystem be it farmers, distillers or the whole community.

Environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing of the society comes at the forefront of our objectives and long-term aspirations.

Fair Labor Conditions

When it comes to sourcing partners, we carefully select suppliers from rural areas where we can help creating more employment opportunities and positively impact the social and financial capabilities of underrated workers, farmers and distillers who still spare no efforts to produce top quality oils from natural ingredients by following the right systematic process and procedures.

Supporting Community Development

We come from and belong to a community and so do our partners.

That in mind; we strongly believe that supporting strategic community-based projects that aim at improving health and social lives of people is a key objective to our brand.

MUSK as an Essential Oils exporter is always ready to support local initiatives such as building new schools, hospitals or sponsoring local charity activities.

Our Environment .. Our Lives

Our partners are always requested to provide a proof of following strict quality measures regarding gas emissions and how do they control and minimize it to the lowest possible standards.

On the other hand, we’re currently expanding our utilization levels of 100% recycled packaging materials.

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