Floral Absolutes and Concretes | Product Catalogue

The corner stone in perfumery and aromatherapy industry !

Concretes are the semi solid waxy substance that is considered as the base that holds the aroma’s fragrance for long enough to start the manufacturing process.

Absolutes are highly concentrated floral liquids usually extracted through solvent extraction process and are primarily alcohol or hexane soluble substances that are ready to be used in a perfume or sometimes it can be used as a perfume by itself.

Floral absolutes and floral concretes are concentrated, highly aromatic, and oil-based botanical extracts made from the flowers of plants.

The difference between the two is that while absolutes are dissolved in a solvent such as alcohol or petroleum ether, concretes are dissolved in vegetable oil.

Floral absolutes and floral concretes are used for their strong aroma and unique smell.

They can be used for the following:

  1. In a diffuser to fill a room with scent
  2. In lotions and balms that will be applied to the skin (it is best to dissolve them in a carrier oil)
  3. In candles
  4. In soaps and bath bombs
  5. To flavor food (in very small quantities)


jasmine absolute

MUSK is a wholesale and private label manufacturer and exporter of essential oils, carrier oils, infused (macerated) oils, fragrance oils, CO2 extracts, floral waxes and floral absolutes & concretes.

We export in bulk volumes or in customized packaging with clients’ private label for all types of essential oils, carrier oils and infused (macerated) oils.

We offer a wide range of floral absolutes & concretes like; Basil Linalool absolute, Jasmine absolute, Bitter Orange (Neroli) absolute, Spinach Leaf absolute, Violet Leaf absolute, Chamomile Blue absolute and Geranium absolute.

We offer a wide range of pure, natural, cruelty free, non-adulterated oils at a premium quality.

All our extracts are food and pharmaceutical grade certified. We ensure full traceability of the end-to-end process from seeding till extraction.

This is proven by COA for every batch and we also can send free samples to new client to make sure that they get the quality they expect.

MUSK currently fulfills requests from importers in different regions worldwide to deliver a wide range of Essential and Carrier Oils in fully customized packaging with private label of clients’ own brand delivered to their doorsteps anywhere in the world.

MUSK offers plenty of choices from bottle material and size to the preferred label design.

Send us a DM or email to ‘’info@musk-egypt.com’’ to know more details about our Private Label offers and get our full product catalogue.

MUSK  fulfills all of its global importers of Absolutes and Concretes’ requirements and happy to source their needs at competitive prices yet usually keeping our promise of ”Premium Quality” ahead of us all the time.

Check our full portfolio of floral Absolutes and Concretes and we’re happy to source any other requirements of floral Absolutes and Concretes which are not listed here for any importer of floral Absolutes and Concretes.

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