Essential Oils

Essential Oils | Product Catalogue

Basically are highly concentrated extracts coming from flowers, roots, leaves or sometimes from other parts of plants.

These oils can be used in several ways and for many purposes.

With their distinctive smells and powerful healing properties, it’s no wonder essential oils are so popular. Essential oils can help improve your quality of life in many ways, from improving your sleep to boosting your mood.

These are some of the most common ways people use essential oils:

  1. Diffusing: Using a diffuser, you can spread essential oils through the air for aromatherapy purposes.
  2. Topical uses: You can use essential oils topically by applying them directly to skin (always diluted with a carrier oil) or by using them in a bath or massage oil.
  3. Cooking: Some essential oils are safe to consume and can be used to add flavor to food and drinks.

Recent global trends and scientific researches identify and endorse the usage of essential oils in Alternative and complimentary medicine.

Ancient Egyptians come across strongly in the picture based on many cave paintings discovered that confirm the first usage of essential oils by pharaohs due to their versatile purposes and healthy properties.

wholesale essential oils

MUSK is a wholesale and private label manufacturer and exporter of essential oils, carrier oils, infused (macerated) oils, fragrance oils, CO2 extracts, floral waxes and floral absolutes & concretes.

We export in bulk volumes or in customized packaging with clients’ private label for all types of essential oils, carrier oils and infused (macerated) oils.  

We offer essential oils like; Geranium Oil, Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil, Neroli Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil, Marjoram Oil.

Basil Oil, Onion bulb Oil, Garlic Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Lemon Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Petitgrain Mandarin Oil.

Petitgrain Bigarade Oil, Aniseed Oil, Armoise Oil, Fennel Oil, Celery Oil, Parsley herb Oil, Thyme Oil, Tagetes Oil, Coriander herb Oil.

Cinnamon Oil, Caraway Oil and Cumin Seed Oil and many other types of essential oils.

We offer a wide range of pure, natural, cruelty free, non-adulterated oils at a premium quality.

All our extracts are food and pharmaceutical grade certified. We ensure full traceability of the end-to-end process from seeding till extraction.

This is proven by COA for every batch and we also can send free samples to new client to make sure that they get the quality they expect.

MUSK currently fulfills requests from importers in different regions worldwide to deliver a wide range of Essential and Carrier Oils in fully customized packaging with private label of clients’ own brand delivered to their doorsteps anywhere in the world.

MUSK offers plenty of choices from bottle material and size to the preferred label design.

Send us a DM or email to ‘’’’ to know more details about our Private Label offers and get our full product catalogue.

MUSK proudly offers all global importers a wide range of essential oils derived through steam distillation process with the highest level of quality as our promise to our clients.

Below is our full portfolio of essential oils however we’re happy to source any other requirements of essential oils which are not listed below for any global importer of essential oils.