CO2 Extracts | Super Critical Fluid (SCF)

CO2 extract stands for Super Critical fluid extraction. It’s a method of extracting oils from plants that uses carbon dioxide (CO2).

Because CO2 is a gas, it can be pressurized and heated to become liquid.

This liquid then passes through plant material, extracting the essential oils that are present in the plant.

SCFE extracts are used in aromatherapy, perfumery and cosmetic products, particularly those that emphasize natural ingredients.

They are also used to produce organic food supplements and biofuels.

In aromatherapy, they are applied topically or inhaled.

Many people claim that SCFE extracts have healing properties that can help with a wide range of ailments including anxiety, depression and insomnia.

SCFE extracts are often used in cosmetic applications because they can be highly purified and concentrated without losing any of their unique properties.

They can also be made into liquid form without any solvents or preservatives so they’re easier to apply topically.

CO2 extracts are oil concentrates made using carbon dioxide.

They’re known for their high potency and purity, and they’re the preferred method of extraction for many medical cannabis patients.

CO2 extract is an extraction method that utilizes carbon dioxide as the solvent for extracting essential oils and other compounds from herbs, plants, and other substances.

Carbon dioxide is a gas at room temperature, but it can be compressed into liquid form.

When this liquid is exposed to heat, the carbon dioxide evaporates, leaving behind only the essential oils or compounds of interest.

Carbon dioxide is one of the most common gasses in our atmosphere, and it’s also used in a variety of industrial processes.

It’s non-toxic, odorless, and colorless, so it’s easy to store and transport gas without causing any safety concerns or interrupting workflows.

Because of these qualities, CO2 is ideal for extracting oils from plants without affecting the taste or smell of the finished product.

CO2 extracts

CO2 extraction has become increasingly popular over the years because it produces an extract that is free from contaminants like pesticides or residual solvents from other methods.

The CO2 extraction process involves putting plant material into a chamber where carbon dioxide is forced through at a high pressure.

This process captures only what you want (like cannabinoids) while leaving behind everything else (like chlorophyll).

Carbon dioxide extraction involves three steps: First, the raw materials are placed in a sealed chamber with a cold liquid solvent (usually water or ethanol).

Second, CO2 gas is introduced into the chamber while air pressure builds up inside it.

This forces the CO2 into the material being extracted and forces out any volatile liquids.

Finally, when all of the desired compounds have been extracted out of the raw material, heat causes them to evaporate away from whatever remains behind in the chamber.

The end result is a purer form of concentrate than most other extraction methods produce because there are fewer impurities involved in creating it.

This makes for a cleaner taste and an overall more pleasant experience for those who use it regularly.

CO2 extracts

CO2 extracts are known for their purity because there isn’t any heat involved in extracting them from raw materials.

This means that no oxidation occurs during production process like there would be if you were using a hot solvent like alcohol or butane (which are both commonly used.

Essential oils are extracted by steam distillation, which involves heating water to boiling point and then passing steam through the plant material.

This causes the essential oils to vaporize and escape into the air, where they can be collected.

The main advantage of SCFE is that it’s able to extract more oil than steam distillation can, because it uses carbon dioxide instead of water as the solvent.

In addition, SCFE can be used with many different types of plants and doesn’t require much energy to operate.

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