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Waxes and Butters are naturally solid aromatic plant waxes that are extracted during the Solvent Extraction process of floral concretes and absolutes.

Waxes and Butters are a natural compound of the natural plant wax and precious aromatics present within the botanical that they are extracted from.

Waxes and Butters are an essential part of the candle making process. They help your candles get that amazing scent you want, and they can also help your candles last longer by slowing down the burning process.

Waxes and Butters are a recent addition to the list of products you can use to create candles, but they are quickly becoming one of the most popular.

Not only do they have a pleasant aroma and add a soft, warm glow to your home, they also have functional benefits that help you care for your skin and hair.

So, what are Waxes and Butters? They’re exactly what they sound like; waxes made from flowers!

Waxes and Butters are usually obtained through hydrocarbon extraction, which is a process that uses nonpolar solvents like hexane or petroleum ether.

Waxes and Butters are used in our products as an emulsifier—they help bind ingredients together—so your products can be super-creamy without separating.

The oil and water in our products can get along just fine with flower wax on their team!

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They are Best-Fit for Soap making and Cosmetics manufacturing.

Waxes and Butters make a divine and unique value addition to many cosmetic products such as creams, balms and lotions.

It acts as a perfect thickener and ads a beautifully pleasant aroma to all kinds of natural soaps.

MUSK for Aromatherapy and Essential Oils offers clients and global importers a new range of 5 Waxes and Butters; Basil Sweet Linalool Wax, Blue Chamomile Wax, Geranium Wax, Violet Leaf Wax and Jasmine Wax.

MUSK is a wholesale and private label manufacturer and exporter of essential oils, carrier oils, infused (macerated) oils, fragrance oils, CO2 extracts, waxes & butters and floral absolutes & concretes.

We export in bulk volumes or in customized packaging with clients’ private label for all types of essential oils, carrier oils and infused (macerated) oils.

We offer a wide range of pure, natural, cruelty free, non-adulterated oils at a premium quality.

All our extracts are food and pharmaceutical grade certified. We ensure full traceability of the end-to-end process from seeding till extraction.

This is proven by COA for every batch and we also can send free samples to new client to make sure that they get the quality they expect.

MUSK currently fulfills requests from importers in different regions worldwide to deliver a wide range of Essential and Carrier Oils in fully customized packaging with private label of clients’ own brand delivered to their doorsteps anywhere in the world.

MUSK offers plenty of choices from bottle material and size to the preferred label design.

Send us a DM or email to ‘’info@musk-egypt.com’’ to know more details about our Private Label offers and get our full product catalogue.

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