Our Company | Who We Are ?

‘’MUSK’’ for aromatics & essential oils is an established B2B company with a direct strategy and focus towards global export relying on the quality and variety of several herbs and plant species cultivated in our homeland; Egypt !

Where do we come from ?

Egypt is one of the major export markets in the world and North Africa in particular, renowned for producing and exporting premium quality aromatics and essential oils while benefiting from a wide range of free trade agreements with many countries/regions around the world and ‘’MUSK’’ is proud to be part of this success.

The story behind our name !

Our name; ‘’MUSK‘’ comes from the enigmatic Ptolemaic queen of Egypt; Cleopatra who used musk as one of 7 fragrances to excessively scent the whole sun-boat which she rode on her way to Rome to marry Julius Caesar so the scent of her boat can reach Rome early enough and let people get ready for her arrival at the shores of the Mediterranean.